Differentiate your client advisory services

IBM® Algorithmics Investment Design for Wealth Managers offers financial institutions a client advisory solution that provides a personalized and consistent wealth management experience for its clientele. The solution is suitable for all investment advisory operations regardless of scale or client base and helps investment managers expand their business through improved investor services. It provides powerful analytics delivered as an investment decision support framework enabling advisors to perform advanced asset allocation, with risk-awareness, based on real securities across global asset classes and instrument types.
IBM Algorithmics Investment Design for Wealth Managers

Improved probability of achieving goals

By supporting the construction, allocation and monitoring of your investors’ assets, odds are optimized towards helping them achieve their financial objectives.

Build long term investor relationships

Discerning data and analytics generate risk-return profiles on each portfolio enabling you to offer clients multiple investment choices and guide them on decisions over their investment time horizon.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Risk analytics and reporting help facilitate regulatory compliance and enable wealth managers to run advisory campaigns that are compliant with regulations and appropriateness requirements.

Lower operational costs

Increase efficiency and lower operational costs through one single solution designed to support regulatory requirements, asset allocation, risk management, marketing, and advisory services.

Expand business

With capabilities to offer personal and intelligent goal-based investment advice, Wealth Managers can successfully expand and grow their business with mass affluent, private and retail clients.

Deploy as a hybrid or complete Cloud solution

  • Portfolio performance monitoring
  • Multi-period simulation
  • Simulated data feeds
  • Market data for risk analytics
  • Data security and confidentiality