Four good reasons to use IBM ActionOI

Take advantage of one of the largest databases of its kind

IBM ActionOI® provides financial and operational data from more than 750 organizations like yours. It features actual and normalized data from 272 unique departments for relevant comparative analysis.

Normalized data allows for 'apples to apples' comparison

ActionOI’s data integrity program features automated range checks and statistical trimming to help increase reliability.

Identify expense improvement opportunities

Use ActionOI’s report generation tools and dashboards to disseminate findings, results and operational changes. It features a Client Defined Indicator wizard to let you define metrics important to your organization.

Help make changes that impact the bottom line

No margin, no mission - the ActionOI data sharing process allows you to partner with your peers on a confidential and reciprocal basis.

How customers use it

  • IU Health System

    IU Health System


    Require actionable financial performance data to quickly identify opportunities for cost-control


    The team used ActionOI as an objective database for insights – comparing the health system’s operational and financial data to that of peer comparison groups.

  • Promedica



    Cut operational and medical costs and reduce patients’ length of stay


    The team used ActionOI to benchmark its performance against other systems, identify the areas needing the most improvement and create better processes to eliminate wasteful spending.

  • SwedishAmerican Medical Group

    SwedishAmerican Medical Group


    Assess the current state of operations relative to its peers to identify areas of improvement


    The hospital combined the benchmarking insights of IBM ActionOI with the engagement and teamwork of hospital staff to improve its Worked Hour/Unit of Service ranking percentile.