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AccountConnect is an end to end solution for managing the onboarding of a full range of retail to high net worth banking customers. With AccountConnect, a bank can present their existing and new customers as well as customer service representatives, with a differentiating, multi-channel engagement and significantly reduce the time of client onboarding, while managing risk and compliant activities throughout.
AGYS AccountConnect

Improve customer interactions

Delivers differentiating customer engagement experience, via multi-channel access.

Increase onboarding efficiency

Gain significant competitive advantage through reduction of time and cost of client onboarding. (In many cases, up to 80%)

Reduce risk and increase compliance

A front to back solution, that balances market engagement with enhanced risk and compliance management.

Streamline business processes

Designed to functionally drive straight through processing for low risk onboarding, while also managing complex case escalations.

Increase deployment flexibility

Can be deployed on premise or in Hybrid Cloud environments.

Faster deployment

Can be fully deployed for value within 120-150 days.

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AGYS AccountConnect

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AGYS AccountConnect