Key features of 9 Spokes

Accredited apps

Our apps all undergo a rigorous accreditation process to ensure that only the best apps are available for you. We can recommend apps based on your industry type so you get the metrics relevant to you on your dashboard. We've also grouped the apps into nine business areas (which we call spokes) to make it easy for you to manage or grow your business. We have new apps joining us all the time, so keep checking the app library to see new additions.

Widget library

Widgets on your dashboard display key patterns and trends using the data from your connected apps. You can add widgets and customise your dashboard to reveal the key information you need to manage or grow your business. Widgets in the library are grouped by nine business areas (which we call spokes) so you can track everything from cash and commitments, to who is working today, to website traffic.

My Companies

Our My Companies feature within 9 Spokes allows you to create, view and manage multiple dashboards via one login, from any device. This feature is suited to business service providers, such as accountants, business advisors and cloud specialists, to see all of their clients' dashboards via one account login. Business owners with more than one business can also take advantage of this feature.

Alerts and performance summaries

Subscribe to widget alerts so you can be notified when a key performance indicator is reached. For example, gross profit reaches a certain threshold or your social media likes hit a target amount. Sign up for performance summaries that show key trends coming from your data. You will receive reports that identifies how your business is tracking for the week - what is working well and what isn't.

Customer case studies

See how a busy retailer saves time with 9 Spokes

World of Cycles - bicycle retail and service

Find out how a startup is accelerating growth with 9 Spokes

Gigride - startup in the music industry

Technical details

Software requirements

The 9 Spokes smart dashboard is cloud-based and can be accessed via web browsers on Windows or Mac computers, or iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets.

  • Web browser and internet connection

Hardware requirements


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