Define your customer. Measure the ROI across all channels.

A powerful customer engagement, marketing automation, social media management and communication solution that makes it elegantly simple for anyone to gather membership profiles and launch targeted campaigns. Accurately measure metrics and KPI by channel to improve the marketing mix. It tracks all customer communications, customer journey touch-point and purchase history in one feature rich, easy to use multifaceted single platform to drive brand engagement, advocacy and sales. Track the revenues and engagement across all social and traditional channels so you improve efficiency and marketing ROI.

Single omni-channel marketing Platform

Campaigns are launched from one platform across all channels, every individual customer journey across every tough point is captured. Results measured and displayed within one platform.

Multitenancy for retail

Ideal for companies with multiple brands.Allows campaigns within chain, shopping centre or franchise to target discrete regions or customer databases for cross promotion or exclusive brand offering.

Personalized customer experience

In depth customer profiling provided by a dynamic table for individual attributes and tags coupled with their purchase history. Personal, relevant communication that stops the blanket email blasts.

Simple and powerful dashboard

Simple to navigate and search for the data you need. No need for technical support or I.T. to be involved. Share access with your relevant co workers or departments at no additional user licenses.

Real time analytics and ROI

Mutuality turns analytics into actionable insights. Mutuality provides a graphic interface and reports that allow you to understand the ROI on individual posts, campaigns and channels in real time.

Security and privacy in the cloud

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