What it can do for your business

ConnectiX is the cross-tenancy platform allowing organizations to share data (asset details, work requests, IOT meter data, etc.) with the appropriate parties in their supply chain, and track events and data capture as their contractors collaborate. Includes inter-tenancy workflows, back-office admin, and offline apps on for all modern mobile devices.
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Improve Productivity

Case studies demonstrate 20% (often up to 40%) increase in number of work requests closed per day.

Decrease Costs

Operations costs are reduced by 20% through streamlining, automated workflow and integration.


Compliance to the ticket originator's forms entry rules, HSEQ and business rules is assured. Case studies include uplift of compliance KPIs to 95%.


Asset owners and work order originators can see status of assets and activities as they occur, even when the activities are done multiple layers down the supply chain.

Security and privacy in the cloud

Essential information

  • Offline mode: All mobile apps work offline to ensure productivity in no-coverage areas.
  • Live Monitoring: Centrally track data captured from the field across your supply chain, as they occur. Capture and share work details, assets, meter readings and forms compliance.
The data integration framework for asset owners and service providers, improving operational efficiency, visibility and safety compliance.

Company information

ConnectiX - R

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ConnectiX - R