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Easy to use Advanced Banking Analytics; predict customers at risk of leaving your Bank so you can take preventive steps; identify traits of high-value customers; analyze sentiment and tonal analysis from customer logs, social media; predict potential credit card & loan defaults; analyze branch profitability and forecast loan pipelines. We provide many other operational insights. Our solution can be delivered on the cloud or on-premise, and we work with data from your Banking Systems.
Advanced Banking Analytics

Advanced Banking Analytics Made Easy

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, our models for Banking Analytics are integrated with visualizations and dashboards; designed for use by executives at Mid-size and smaller banks.

Identify customers at risk of leaving

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, you can predict customers at risk of leaving the bank; we will also identify reasons for the prediction so you can take preventive action

Predict Loans at risk of default

Predict loans at risk of defaulting, so you can take remedial actions. We can also predict credit-card default risks

Branch Profitability Analysis

Analyze branch operations, assess branch growth opportunities by comparing against financial information about branch location (e.g. predicted deposit appetite in branch location)

Essential information

  • Banking Analytics made easy: You do not need to invest in data scientists and costly internal IT projects--we have done the heavy lifting for you! Quickly get to key customer & risk insights by utilizing leading-edge analytics.
  • On Premises or on the Cloud: Our solution can be deployed on your premises or on the cloud, depending on your needs. We make deployment easy for you. Because our models and dashboards are pre-built, you get quick time to value!
  • Utilize existing Data Sources: We will use your existing Banking data sources. Get insights from both structured data and text data like customer logs and social media. We can also use 3rd party data for enhanced analytics.
  • Visualize on the Go: Visualize insights on Mobile devices or on desktops and laptops. We can use your preferred visualization tool.
Advanced Banking Analytics made easy, including customer churn prediction, sentiment analysis, credit card and Loan default prediction. On cloud or on premise.

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Advanced Banking Analytics

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Advanced Banking Analytics