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Today, data is the new speed in systematic trading. And Twitter is the new newswire for market-moving information. But how can we leverage Twitter’s powerful flow of information for event-based trading within an algorithmic environment? With the NewsHedge ALPHA API Twitter Edition, you’ll not only detect market-moving events as they happen, but you’ll also be able to systematically interpret and react to them, too.

Access to Alternative Data

Gain access to granular trading exchange data coupled together with correlated Twitter analytics.

Leverage Superior Analysis

Multiple detection and processing techniques help remove "false-positives" while adding more accuracy and flexibility.

Real-Time Data

Low-latent throughout—delivered as a real-time feed.

Broad U.S. Equity Coverage

Coverage includes the top 6,200+ individual U.S. equities.

Flexible, Easy-to-Use API

RESTful web service designed to be extremely fast and easy-to-use.

Backtest Data. Gain New Insights.

3+ years of data—categorized to suit a wide range of backtesting needs.

Essential information

  • Harness the Power of Twitter: Leverage our deep learning, natural language processing, data mining, and patented machine-learning techniques for finding alpha within the enormous amount of Twitter data.
  • Quickly Test, Deploy, and Optimize: Quickly test and deploy various trading models within a fraction of the time normally associated with costly exchange feeds and complicated Twitter data.
  • Save Money. Eliminate Headaches: No need for an engineering team, costly data, tools, and infrastructure. Be up and running in hours, not months.
  • Custom Data: Interested in something specific. No problem. Contact us to begin a conversation.
Market moving alerts, social context, headache-free automation—all from one powerful quantitative solution.

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