IoTool helps connect IoT devices to a smartphone

IoTool Android application

Take full advantage of IoTool, accessible on the Play Store. Record sensor readings, analyze and use them to perform actions or send messages with the help of recipes. Save all data to the Cloud.

Data Export & Share

Have full control of the data you record. Export it to a number of formats and share it with others.

Real-time server sync and access

Synchronize your measurements to IoTool Cloud (or other cloud services) in real-time. All users can access the IoTool Cloud database at any time using only a web browser on their PC or mobile.

IoTool API - Add your own sensors

You can develop your own sensors using the IoTool API and user-friendly documentation.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • IoTool Dashboard App
  • IoTool plugin services

Hardware requirements

  • Android Smartphone

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