What it can do for your business

As usage of file and information are increasing faster than ever in enterprise environment, systematic and efficient file management becomes more important. With Square EFSS, you can manage file and its relevant communication history at a glance on cloud environment which helps you to create smarter workplace.

Simplify File Sharing

Manage and access documents easily through centralized content storage. Every saved data is stored in the cloud so that employees can access all the data anytime, anywhere.

Minimize Security Risks

Provide granular user-based policy and authority control in order to prevent data leakages.

Strengthen Collaboration

Provide Workspace where individuals or groups can collaborate on contents in an efficient manner

Essential information

  • Drive for File Sharing: Manage files by department or business unit.
  • File Version Control: Manage all the file history and modifications.
  • Granular Authority Management: Different permissions can be given for each file when sharing.
  • Real-Time Editing: Multiple users can simultaneously edit file on cloud in real time.
Seamlessly manage enterprise content in the cloud with powerful file management and enhanced collaboration features

Company information

Square EFSS

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Square EFSS