What it can do for your business

Marstone is an enterprise-level financial technology company, with advanced solutions for wealth management and financial planning. We allow all types of financial firms — including banks, credit unions, brokerages, insurance companies, and asset managers — to white-label our digital advice platform. Our technology solutions let companies add scale and leverage to their existing businesses, while also creating a larger pipeline of future clients.

Fully white-labeled offering

We understand the importance of your brand, so we configure the platform to meet your specific marketing & branding needs, including logos, fonts, colors, images, and content.

Design-focused user experience

Through hyper-personalization and gamification, users can truly see themselves in their money. Rich visuals put users at ease, helping people to learn throughout the process.

Fast and easy implementation

Through existing integrations with your back-end processor or custodian, Marstone can deploy your customized branded solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Two flexible engagement models

Marstone can be the sub-advisor for these digital accounts doing the monitoring & trading OR just as a tech-only partner, using your proprietary model portfolios or other 3rd party models.

Add scale to your business

By automating low-value client interactions (change of address), your team is able to focus on the things that matter most to clients like helping them plan their lives more holistically.

Essential information

  • Paperless account opening/money transfer: Through partnerships with e-signature providers and custodial integrations, our platform allows for truly paperless (and automatic) account opening and funding options.
  • Account aggregation: Users are able to see and plan their financial lives holistically by aggregating external accounts like banking, credit and investment onto the platform.
  • Flexible investment options: Institutions are able to use their own investment models, leverage Marstone's proprietary models, or utilize a 3rd party model manager.
  • Full branding flexibility: Beyond just logos, institutions can use their own colors, images and fonts to make their client portal distinct to their firm.
Marstone enables financial firms to quickly & cost effectively launch a branded digital advice platform to better serve new and current clients.

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