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Easy to use Advanced HR Analytics; predict Employees at risk of leaving your organization; understand the reasons for the prediction, so you can take preventive steps; identify traits of high-performing employees for recruiting and training; analyze sentiment and tonal analysis from employee surveys, exit interviews and social media; perform training needs analysis; assess candidate employability. Our solution can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise, and we work with data from your HR Systems.
Advanced Workforce Analytics

Predict Employees at risk of Leaving

Using Predictive Models, we identify employees at risk of leaving your organization, so that you can be pro-active in retaining high-value employees.

Identify traits of High Performers

Segment Employees and find key hidden traits that define your key employees, so you can improve training, and recruit better; identify employees at risk of non-compliance with regulations or policies

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Automatically analyze employee sentiment and issues from text and unstructured data in employee surveys, exit interviews, HR logs, performance reviews and social posts.

Assess Employability of Candidates

Automatically assess potential candidates for employability based on Job description, resume and external sources

Identify Compliance Risk

Identify employees at risk of non-compliance with regulations or policies, so you can update training and mentoring to reduce compliance risks.

Essential information

  • Advanced HR Analytics Made Easy: You do not need to invest in data scientists and costly internal IT projects--we have done the heavy lifting for you! Quickly get to key employee insights by utilizing leading-edge analytics for HR.
  • On Premises or on the Cloud: Our solution can be deployed on your premises or on the cloud, depending on your needs. We make deployment easy for you
  • Utilize existing Data Sources: We will use data from your existing HR systems. We will derive insights from both structured data (databases) as well as textual data like surveys, employee exit interviews, and even social media.
  • Visualize on the Go: Visualize insights on Mobile devices or on desktops and laptops. If you have a preferred visualization tool, we will use that.
Advanced HR Analytics including Employee Churn prediction, sentiment analysis, training needs analysis, employability. Delivered on the cloud or on-premise.

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Advanced Workforce Analytics

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Advanced Workforce Analytics