Datamato’s uDeploy plugin for Siebel CRM

Deployment of Repository Objects

Datamato's plug-in for Sibel CRM can deploy Non- Repository Objects like Data validation, Datamap, Runtime events, Integration objects.

Support for most Siebel CRM objects

Repository Objects : SIF objects, Project lock, Server bounce, Backup of SRF files, Full compile, Generate browser Scripts, DDL Sync, Import/Export Repository

Support for Non repository objects

i) EAI- Data Validation ,Datamap, Runtime events, Integration Objects ii) Import all ADM supported objects iii) EIM:Import of workspace objects OCC, Variable Map b.Reference data objects (VBA Macros)

Pre and Post deployment activities

- Invoking business services and business components method - Lock and release of product objects - Clear LOV cache - RT clearcache - Purged Datamap - Rename products