What it can do for your business

Planning releases in Siebel CRM environments can be a nightmare for almost all organization. This is mostly because of the complex architecture and the tangled deployment process different organization follows. This impacts the operational costs and quality of the release. Datamato’s uDeploy plugin for Siebel CRM helps organization overcome the challenges by enabling deployment automation of Siebel objects and configurations. The plugin integrates with Siebel CRM platform enabling seamless deployments across various environments.

Plug-in to Deploy

The plugin is easy to use and can be leveraged to deploy Siebel CRM objects on the day one. There is very minimal parameterisation to be configured as compared to the other complex CRM application.

Reduce deployment time by 65%

Automate both repository and non-repository CRM objects without human intervention throughout the execution of deployment reducing the overall deployment time.

Minimize time to market

The use of plugin eliminates the deployment errors thereby minimising the time to market of your CRM release.

Leverage uDeploy Framework

With Urbancode uDeploy as central point, tracking of deployment objects becomes easy along with leveraging the out of the box features of uDeploy such as Approval, notifications, reports etc.

Key features

  • Deployment of Repository Objects
  • Support for most Siebel CRM objects
  • Support for Non repository objects
  • Pre and Post deployment activities

Security and privacy in the cloud

Company information

Datamato Plug in for uDeploy and Siebel

Provided by Datamato Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Datamato Plug in for uDeploy and Siebel