What it can do for your business

Get the continuous business insight you need for process optimization and digital transformation. Automatically discover, visualize, analyze and document your E2E business processes, rather than traditional interviews and time-and-motion studies which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and require a team of consultants to document what the process is thought to be – sometimes quite different than reality. Worksoft Analyze eliminates the need for this approach and instead simply captures or mines the actual process, even joining different user’s workflows together for an E2E view across most enterprise applications
Worksoft Analyze Suite

Understand Actual Business Processes

Create a "Current State Blueprint" for Transformation Projects by gaining insight into actual business process execution (inc Custom Code) across multiple enterprise applications, cloud and mobile

Improve Processes & Cost Efficiency

Visualization, Documentation & Analytics can show how business process variants can be optimized & modernized to drive substantial cost efficiencies and reusable assets for future projects

Optimization of Business Processes

Optimize processes using a common platform for business and IT to create cost effective and standardization of E2E Processes across the Enterprise

Accelerate your Test Automation Creation

Once processes have been discovered in Analyze, building E2E business process tests can be completed in minutes by importing the captures into Worksoft Certify to create a set of reusable assets

Essential information

  • Worksoft Analyse - Interactive Capture: Turn it on. Perform a business process. Turn it off. You’ve captured the process Captured process steps can then be linked, visualized, documentation generated and then imported for test automation
  • Worksoft Analyze - Passive Capture: Turn it on and forget it. Capture every keystroke performed by business users. Invisible and automatic. Worksoft Passive Capture provides continuous business process discovery and analysis
  • Intelligent Business Process Analysis: Automatically capture an understanding of actual processes and all their variations. Companies rely on this powerful knowledge to drive process improvement, risk mitigation & quality assurance.
  • SAP Certified & Focused Solutions Member: Worksoft Analyze and Certify are both certified solutions with SAP and we are also a member of the Focused Solutions Circle with tight integration to SolMan 7.2 for Continuous DevOps
Analyze enables the discovery of actual business process execution, as a first step in process improvement and is an accelerator to intelligent automation

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Worksoft Analyze Suite

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Worksoft Analyze Suite