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Process Mining for SAP harvests the knowledge of business process from historical records of supported modules in your SAP® system. Unlike KPI-only driven solutions, Worksoft Process Mining for SAP discovers the actual business process, creating process documentation and even automation for testing and robotics from the mined data. Discovery is truly dynamic and automatic, not inferred from templates, manually defined models or library defined processes.
Worksoft Business Process Mining for SAP

Process Mining for SAP SD MM WM & FICO

Fast Path to Discovery & Automation - Quickly and accurately discover historical execution of business processes including flow, data, frequency and other metrics from core SAP systems

Synthesize against known Processes

Using our synthesis engine, we convert these records into an executable set of actions to reproduce those same process outcomes and translates the information into a comprehensive understanding

Analyze & Optimize Mined Processes

Mined process information can then be published and documented within Worksoft Analyze to drive process optimization and the creation of intelligent test automation by simply installing a transport

Essential information

  • Rapid Discovery of SAP Processes: Process Mining for SAP deploys with an SAP transport and a separate synthesis module external to SAP. No heavy lifting or a deep understanding of SAP internals are required.
  • Integral Part of Analyze Suite: Mined process information from SAP is the perfect complement to Worksoft’s Capture technology included in Worksoft Analyze and a key accelerator for Worksoft Certify and Intelligent Test Automation
The fast path to comprehensive business process discovery and knowledge. Mine synthesize & translate actual business process for optimization and automation

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Worksoft Business Process Mining for SAP

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Worksoft Business Process Mining for SAP