What it can do for your business

The Worksoft Certify solution allows organizations to continuously test every process, application, and interface. Around the clock “lights out” testing enables faster execution, broad business process test coverage, and improved collaboration. Flexible multi-tenant cloud architectures, intuitive UIs, and advanced analytics mean globally distributed teams can run quality automation at high velocity.
Worksoft Certify Suite

Reduce Manual & Accelerate Projects

70% of the effort in testing comes from understanding exactly what to test. Drive & accelerate high levels of automation and test coverage through the use of process discovery intelligent automation

Boost Quality & Mitigate Digital Risk

Build and maintain a quality and reusable portfolio of business process test automation assets and mitigate your enterprises digital risk posture through E2E process validation – every day

Dramatically lower costs with Automation

Run automation at industrial scale & high velocity for transformation projects and ongoing operations. Lower your costs by running tests across the enterprise that used to take days/weeks in minutes

Competitive "Take Out" Programs

As Enterprises become more complex and transform it is critical to use a modern & scalable testing automation solutions that can replace your brittle legacy tools with Worksoft

Business Value - By the Numbers

Reduce staff time spent on quality assurance by 48%, Decrease productivity losses from defects entering production by 44% Speed up test cycles by 39% Accelerated time-to-market by 5.3 weeks (Ave)

SAP Certified (inc Focused Build Member)

Worksoft are part of SAP’s Focused Solutions Circle which combines top ranked automation technology with leading ALM software from SAP to include SolMan 7.2 and SAP Focused Build

Essential information

  • Certify Impact: Pinpoint changes and focus your efforts based on a set of proposed SAP® application changes and their relationships to your critical business processes and identify exactly where changes will occur.
  • Certify Execution Manager: Certify Execution Manager allows organizations to schedule and manage the unattended execution of Worksoft Certify® for daily business process validation and “light out” testing
  • Certify Business Process Procedure: Worksoft BPP for accurate, complete process documentation for generating comprehensive GRC and business process documentation from the Worksoft Certify® reusable asset library.
  • "Lights Out Testing" and RPA: Reduce cost of doing business when manual human effort is replaced with digital machine labor, another widely used term is robotic process automation (RPA) to run "lights out testing".
Automate the testing and validation of critical processes and interfaces across complex application and cloud landscapes to include “Lights Out” testing

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Worksoft Certify Suite

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Worksoft Certify Suite