What it can do for your business

9W is the next generation financial search engine offering the single best answer to your financial and business questions. Created by pioneers in the field of technology enabled content. ASK 9W provides deep knowledge, not just data, for money managers to marketing managers and sales teams, from auditors to attorneys, from traders to the millions of people about the companies they invest in, the companies they work for, the companies they want to do business with and companies in the news.

Revolutionary platform

9W provides a 360 degree view of both numeric and textual information. 9W disaggregates data allowing the user to seamlessly and immediately retrieve individual items without cutting and pasting.

Cognitive computing

Cognitive computing streamlines access to information, eliminates many steps used by legacy systems and supersedes cumbersome processes. The speed and accuracy of IBM Watson is a total game changer.

Mobile interface

Statistics demonstrate that next generation business information must be built to be accessed on all devices, particularly mobile. Voice recognition is also a key capability. 9W is for mobile devices.

Open data

Whereas legacy data is largely restricted to proprietary, siloed data, the world of big and open data raises new opportunities for 9W, enabling access to other deeper, trusted information sources.

Comprehensive data

In addition to quarterly and annual SEC data, 9W supports a curated data store containing primary source data from daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The data answers billions of individual queries.

Essential information

  • Ease of Use: ASK 9W is designed as an elegant tool that provides instantaneous answers to financial questions asked by voice or typing. It is aimed at millennials who consume information on mobile devices.
  • Predictive Analytics: 9W’s ability to provide information from daily, weekly monthly sources, including but not limited to SEC data, the user will have access to unique information to assist in determining outcomes.
  • Shareable: All answers can be shared in multiple ways – email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This makes 9W sticky and viral. Users will be able to build their own portfolio and models through the share function.
Key elements are the use of cognitive computing/artificial Intelligence powered by IBM Watson, mobility and voice recognition.

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