What it can do for your business

Get the most advanced breaking news technology for your investment strategies. Over 300 million public news websites, blogs, SEC filings, and social media sites such as Twitter are monitored in real-time for early news on U.S. public equities.

Trade On Early News

Our massive coverage of 300 million websites allows us to find and deliver early stories on U.S. public equities to our customers.

Build Custom Alerts

Our app allows you to build custom news alert specifically towards your trading strategy. If requested, we can help you build them.

Use Trading Analytics

We derived analytics from each news article such as sentiment, impact, news exposure, news reliability rankings, and much more.

Essential information

  • Custom Alerts: You can create custom news alerts on specific U.S. equities based on sentiment, impact, and many more.
  • Real-Time Breaking News: Accern gives you access to real-time news from over 300 million public websites and helps you identify breaking news as they are released.
Use our web application to get early stories on over 8,000 U.S. public equities sourced from over 300 million websites.

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Accern Platform

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Accern Platform