What it can do for your business

Loyyal provides a Loyalty platform utilizing blockchain technology that includes the tools necessary to deploy and manage a customer's specific infrastructure. Along with tools and example applications built on the platform to support dynamic and unique reward models. The blockchain based ledger enables a single trust layer with a fixed state.


Fast and low cost partnerships, easy integration with new partners and streamlined process with reduced costs.

No Brand Sacrifice

Build brand value while accessing larger networks using cascading permissions

Liability Reduction

Liabilities are tracked in real time, low cost options to increase redemption velocity and dynamic point value adjustments

Satisfied Customers

Customer buys more of what they want as a result of tailored offers and redemption variety

Essential information

  • Interoperability: Scale Pop-up Promotions Improved Customer Experience
  • Multi-Branded Programs: No Brand Sacrifice Programs within Programs
  • Liability Management: Real Time Tracking Liability Reduction Ease of Exchange
  • Dynamic Issuance and Redemption: Increased Sales Satisfied Customers
A permissioned blockchain and smart contract platform for enterprise use to incentivize in dynamic, interoperable and smart ways.

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Loyyal Platform

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Loyyal Platform