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NEXIONA presents MIIMETIQ Device Connect & Manage; a simple way to manage, add, delete, replicate and extract data from devices for your Watson IoT project. Quickly capture data from any type of IoT device, using any type of communication protocol - ideal for Proof of Concept where several types of device need to be tested and where a seamless method for feeding data from devices into the Watson IoT Platform is required.
Device Connect & Manage for Watson IoT

Use any type of device

integration with any type of sensor, device or machine is possible. this means you have complete freedom of choice, safe in the knowledge that integration will be possible.

Fast integration

The most common types of communication protocol are already supported and new ones can be accommodated and data extracted from devices quickly and easily using tools within the system.

Ideal for Proof of Concept

Flexibility to integrate many different types of device and view within the same project means Proof of Concept tests can be changed and adapted as failures and successes are uncovered.

Essential information

  • Any communication protocal: Native support for common protocols such as AMQP and MQTT plus more than 120 other communication Protocols are supported. New ones can be added relatively easily.
  • Virtual Device Creation: Devices and their signals can be defined in advance of being connected. These devices can be represented in Dashboards, Reports and Rules & Actions in advance of being available - a huge time saver.
  • Different devices in one project: There is no limitation on the number of different types of device, from different suppliers, that can be integrated with and included in one project.
Integrate, add, replicate and delete any device, using any communication protocol. A fast and easy way to extract data for use in your Watson IoT project.

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Device Connect & Manage for Watson IoT

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Device Connect & Manage for Watson IoT