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NEXIONA presents MIIMETIQ Rules & Actions; Easily set up automated responses to data from devices in your Watson IoT project. Quickly define Rules (e.g. 'WHEN' this temperature is reached) and required Actions to be taken (e.g. 'DO' switch off the heater). Set up simple rules for one device or more complex rules across multiple sources with actions ranging from dashboard indication, automated messages, control of other devices or sending data for analysis or use in business systems – a powerful way to selectively filter and control data ‘at the edge’.

Save Time

Step-by-step creation of rules allows for simple or complex alarm conditions to be defined very quickly.

Highly Flexible Actions

Actions resulting from alarm conditions can range from sending an email to controlling any parameter of an external device/system or filtering the flow of information to external databases.

Easy to Use

Using simple language (e.g. 'When' the Temp is Greater than 20, 'Do' switch off the heater) to set up Rules and desired Actions means that anyone can use this function (even your customer).

Control Data Flow - save costs

By sending only data that meets specific rules (e.g. within a certain time slot or over a pre-defined threshold) the flow of information for further action or analysis can be easily controlled.

Essential information

  • Multiple Rule creation: There is no limit on how many rules can be set up per project.
  • Simple or Complex Rules: Set up Rules for a single signal from one device or for multiple signals across multiple devices, all encapsulated within one rule and performed using an intuitive step-by-step methodology.
  • Flexible Actions: Actions can be simple e.g. send an email to the controller or more sophisticated involving controlling other devices or sending data to other systems for analysis or business use.
  • Integration with Watson IoT: In your Watson IoT project, Actions resulting from alarm conditions can result in data being directly fed into the Watson IoT platform for further action or later analysis.
In your Watson IoT project, quickly set up simple 'WHEN' this happens, ‘DO’ that conditions to automatically trigger emails, control devices or send data.

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Rules & Actions for Watson IoT

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Rules & Actions for Watson IoT