Feature spotlights

Quality of Service Performance Guarantee

Robin's QoS feature ensures performance isolation for every app in terms of CPU, memory and storage IOPs. Robin also provides priority based IO scheduling to separate high priority apps from others.

Application Clone and Time Travel

Robin allows snapshot, clone, & restore of all apps. Each snapshot includes point in time state of OS, app software, configuration, and data. Apps can be restored or cloned to any of these snapshots.

Automatic Fault Tolerance

Robin protects apps against unplanned downtime. In case of hardware failures, Robin can relocate containers to healthy servers or effect disk repairs, thus providing fault tolerance for all apps.

Elastic Scaling of Applications

Robin supports scale out (add nodes) & scale up (add resources). Adding nodes is good for permanent increase, but for transient spikes, Robin allows dynamic change to cpu, memory, and storage IOPs.

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