What it can do for your business

Robin is a container-based smart infrastructure that enables you to virtualize databases, Big Data apps and data-centric custom apps with bare-metal performance and guaranteed IO QoS. Robin combines containers, application-aware storage, networking and application orchestration to create an application-aware and data-optimized scale-out infrastructure. Robin can consolidate multiple applications, guaranteed quality of service, and take instant application and cluster level snapshot and cloning.

Operational Agility & Simplicity

Single click provisioning of clusters & complex distributed applications, push button cluster extend, and application cloning and snapshots

Lower Costs

CAPEX Reduction with potential savings of up to 40% with lower HW footprint, and lower software licensing cost through application consolidation on shared hardware

Predictable Application Performance

Application consolidation with bare metal performance, and automatic Application-to-Spindle performance SLA enforcement

Security and privacy in the cloud

Essential information

  • Quality of Service Performance Guarantee: Robin's QoS feature ensures performance isolation for every app in terms of CPU, memory and storage IOPs. Robin also provides priority based IO scheduling to separate high priority apps from others.
  • Application Clone and Time Travel: Robin allows snapshot, clone, & restore of all apps. Each snapshot includes point in time state of OS, app software, configuration, and data. Apps can be restored or cloned to any of these snapshots.
  • Automatic Fault Tolerance: Robin protects apps against unplanned downtime. In case of hardware failures, Robin can relocate containers to healthy servers or effect disk repairs, thus providing fault tolerance for all apps.
  • Elastic Scaling of Applications: Robin supports scale out (add nodes) & scale up (add resources). Adding nodes is good for permanent increase, but for transient spikes, Robin allows dynamic change to cpu, memory, and storage IOPs.
Robin is a container-based smart infrastructure that enables virtualization of databases, big data, and custom apps with guaranteed bare-metal performance

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Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)

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Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)