Deploy, Manage, Consolidate: Big-Data, NoSQL, Enterprise DBs

Robin enables a container-based application-defined infrastructure (ADI) that enables running NoSQL and Enterprise databases, Big Data apps & data-centric custom apps with bare-metal performance & guaranteed IO QoS. Robin combines containers, application-aware purpose-built block storage, networking & application orchestration to create an agile, scalable & consolidated application-aware data-optimized application-defined infrastructure. Robin optimizes DevOps & enables full application lifecycle management including easy handling of functions: snapshot & clone entire Application, relocate/migrate, span across clouds (private/public) & more.

AppStore Experience: 1-click Operations

1-click provisioning of clusters & complex distributed applications, push button cluster extend, application cloning, snapshots, dynamic management of IOPs, CPU, Memory & QoS, app lifecycle management

Predictable Application Performance

Multi-tenant Application consolidation with bare metal performance, guaranteed IOPS and SLA from container to cluster to Application

Lower Costs

Lower CAPEX & OPEX - Container technology (Docker and/or LXc): Robin places more apps/node (physical or virtual) with ~50% savings in h/w & licensing & enables short Ops cycles from days/weeks to mins

Security and privacy in the cloud

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Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)

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Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)

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