What it can do for your business

NEXIONA presents MIIMETIQ LITE; a fast and convenient way to create customer facing visualizations for IoT projects. Ideal for Proof of Concepts and small to medium projects where there is a requirement to extract data from any type of device, and display it quickly in customized dashboards and create Rules, Actions and simple reports. Bi-directional IoT data flows between MIIMETIQ LITE and IBM’s Watson IoT Platform making it easy to perform deep analysis of data from the physical world of sensors and machines and to seamlessly embed this into the customer’s business systems and processes.

No programming required

Zero programming required to build customised applications and visualisations

Multi tenant

Multi-tenant for managing several projects at the same time

Proof of Concept Testing

Ideal for small to medium size projects and Proof of Concept tests

Essential information

  • Multiple Custom Dashboards: Quickly capture data from any type of device and display in multiple Custom Dashboards Using Pre-Defined Widgets. Integrates with any type of Sensor, Device or Machine. Perfect for POC.
  • Rules & Actions: Simple and complex Rules with associated Actions are quick and easy to construct using simple 'If this happens, then do this' style logic. Monitoring and Control Of Up To 1,000 Devices Included.
  • Data exchange with Watson IoT Platform: Brings device information directly into the customers’ business systems and processes through bi-directional direct data interchange between MIIMETIQ LITE and the Watson IoT Platform.
  • Move from POC to full project: Perfect for Proof Of Concept and small To mid-size IoT projects. Once the Proof of Concept is accepted, easily move up to the power of the Watson IoT Platform.
Dashboards & Reports, Device Connect & Manage, Rules & Actions, share data with Watson IoT Platform – everything for a simple, cost effective Proof of Concept.

Company information

Proof of Concept Builder for Watson IoT

Provided by Nexiona

Proof of Concept Builder for Watson IoT