C2FO - the largest working capital marketplace in the world.

Name your rate™ with C2FO

C2FO offers true dynamic discounting. Our unique marketplace approach empowers suppliers to offer their customers a discount they chose, in exchange for early payment, on-demand. Suppliers take control of cash flow while their customers earn a no-risk return on short-term cash while improving their bottom line and supply chain health.

C2FO for Buyers

Buyers, often corporates with global operations, have cash on their balance sheets earning minimal returns, benefit from C2FO by improving the bottom line and strengthening their supply chain.

C2FO for Suppliers

Suppliers, often companies working to improve their cash flow or key metrics like DSO, can accelerate payments of approved invoices from customers as needed and at a rate that works for them.

Global, scaleable solution

Our scalable solution can be implemented globally in weeks, with support for all languages and currencies. We provide in-region, multilingual supplier support teams that offer both financial and technical expertise