What it can do for your business

FX Smart Pricer automates your pricing according to market volatility. Update your pricing based on exchange rates movements thanks to a cutting edge API that adjusts your price-tag right along with the market.

Grows your business

Automates price calculations in foreign currencies.

Gives you a competitive advantage

Updates your price in real time to create a competitive advantage.

Helps you convert

Increases market share and conversion: reverse shopping cart abandonment.

Essential information

  • Fully Customisable: Setup FX Smart Pricer with customised rules made for every business model and industry.
  • Pricing automation: Our system dynamically adapts prices on multiple currency pairs. At the same time, it live-streams rates of any currency, keeping the business safe and profitable.
Get exchange rates in real time & automate your pricing according to market volatility.

Company information

FX Smart Pricer

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FX Smart Pricer