What it can do for your business

The Kantox Payments Hub allows your company to manage all its outgoing payments, whether they are foreign-currency or same-currency payments, on a single platform. You can pay suppliers, subsidiaries or use the Hub for inter-company cash flows, payroll, subscriptions, etc.

Time efficiency

Make one bulk payment instead of multiple manual ones, improve your productivity and get all your suppliers paid quicker.


Process both local and international payments, in foreign or local currency, at much lower costs.

Transparency & traceability

We bring you transparency and you bring it to your partners by automatically informing them about payments released, with a SWIFT message.


You avoid mistakes happening when processing many payments manually.

Essential information

  • Productivity and eficiency: ▸ Payments are automated and mistakes eliminated. ▸ Tens, hundreds or thousands of payments are processed in a matter of minutes. ▸ Your team can focus on value-added tasks.
  • Payment tracking: ▸ Check your payments’ status at any time thanks to SWIFT messages. ▸ SWIFT messages can be automatically sent to you and your beneficiaries. ▸ Easy tracking and credit of funds.
  • Cost savings: ▸ All payments are processed on a single platform, hence with a single price. ▸ Pricing is transparent and much more competitive than banks.
Manage all your payments, both same-currency and cross-currency, all in one place. Pay suppliers and subsidiaries, or use the hub for inter-company cash flows.

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