What it can do for your business

Buy and sell currencies and make international payments to overseas suppliers or subsidiaries. Measure and manage your exchange rate risk from a platform designed to get the maximum performance out of your international transactions.


You will perform transactions at transparent rates, and be shown the mid-market exchange rate at all times as a benchmark.


Access the platform 24/5 and trade when required with ease, speed and efficiency.


The platform, designed for CFOs’ and treasurers' daily experiences, is adapted to your real needs.

Essential information

  • Spot transactions: Handle your day-to-day conversion needs with a click of a button in 30 seconds right from your desktop and -finally- with no calls involved.
  • Forwards contracts: Forwards contracts (including flexible forwards with early draws) key to manage currency risk.
  • Market orders: Configure market orders at a set exchange rate so that they are automatically executed. Manage your currency strategy according to the evolution of the currency market.
  • International payments: Make cross-border payments, pay your suppliers or deal with your cash movements from or to any subsidiaries from a single platform.
Boosting simplicity and efficiency in currency management.

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Kantox Platform

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Kantox Platform