What it can do for your business

Kantox Dynamic Hedging allows you to keep your company’s currency exposure under control. It is machine-based FX hedging. You will set up your FX hedging policy in our software and then the machine will monitor your FX exposure and hedge your risk accordingly.

Guarantee your margins

Protect your margins from market volatility and benefit from favourable market movements.

Save time

Manage your currency exposure in an automated way with clear rules and total visibility.

Gain security

Protect your company from manual mistakes or delays when trading manually.

Essential information

  • Measuring full FX exposure: Being able to identify and calculate your FX exposure along your business cycle is the 1st mandatory step in building a successful hedging strategy.
  • Building dynamic FX hedging strategies: A successful hedging strategy will protect your margins and pro tability.
  • Leveraging technology: Automation and software are key to building and managing your FX hedging strategy. They will increase your productivity and maximise outcomes.
Does your corporation need to handle numerous and frequent transactions in foreign currencies? Then Dynamic Hedging is particularly suited to your business.

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Dynamic Hedging

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Dynamic Hedging