What it can do for your business

Netki’s end-to-end solution allows regulated financial services providers to programatically comply with existing AML/KYC requirements through the implementation of a standards based payments messaging system in which customers and their counterparties can privately transmit encrypted payment messages that are signed with legally validated, FBCA accredited Identity Certificates to validate required, authenticated identity information about the parties to a transaction before actions are recorded on a blockchain.

Protect End-User Privacy

Transmission of required PII data takes place off-blockchain, over a private, encrypted channel. This ensures that said info is only shared with entities that have a legitimate requirement.

Established Standards for Compliance

Netki’s solution authenticates and stores counter-party ID data based on standards certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority, the global standard for ID-proofing & authentication.

Highly Interoperable and Extensible

Netki's solution can programmatically enforce a range of requirements on a per-organization basis, allow for streamlined integrations between platforms, and ensure interoperability between networks.

Essential information

  • Digital Certificate for Individual Users: Netki's ID certificates provide an inextricable link between data in a certificate, and the physical ID of an individual, based on legal requirements for the transmission / authentication of PII data.
  • Encrypted Peer to Peer Messaging: Based on an open source, peer-reviewed standard, this feature allows for the direct, off-blockchain transmittal of sensitive PII data between counterparties, over a private encrypted channel.
Netki's ID authentication and management standard allows blockchain-based apps to be open, interoperable, and compliant with existing AML/KYC requirements.

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Digital Identity Certificate Solution

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Digital Identity Certificate Solution