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Connect using the power of our API Designed for clients who want to make high volumes of payments, our API is how most clients connect to the power of our Payment Engine. Simple to use, it allows you to customize your workflows and automate your entire end-to-end international payment processes. It’s industry leading and the product of continual collaboration with our global customer base. The result? A solution powerful enough to deliver and flexible enough to work the way you need it to, so you can focus on growing your business how you want.

Currencycloud Account

Multi-currency e-wallet Your tracking facility for all things payment-related. Currencycloud Account allows you to view your real-time multi-currency balances, pending payments and payment history.

Payment Manager

Fast & reliable local payments Our banking network gives you Local Payments to 40+ countries, be assured that your client’s payment will arrive in full, no receiving fees every time at low cost.

Compliance Manager

Handling compliance Outsource core processes to a trusted, regulated entity. As simple as setting up and storing your approved beneficiaries, to handling some of your pre payment sanction checking.

Conversion Manager

Real-time wholesale rates Covert 40+ currencies at wholesale rates with full transparency of the mid-market rate. Real-time pricing, no hidden fees & simple billing.

Account Manager

Manage your accounts effectively Set up access permissions and authorization workflows. Benefit from our unique n-eyes feature which allows as many levels of authorizations as you require.

Essential information

  • Payments Platform: Automate & manage your global local payments. A technology built to complement your business, delivers access to new revenue streams, improve client ‘stickiness’, reduce risk and lowers overheads.
  • Mass Digital Payments: Automate to accelerate. Reduce the cost and headaches that come with managing or scaling your payments. Maintain tight control over your processes, and benefit from greater operational efficiencies.
  • Global Wallet: Bring e-wallets to life that get your client’s money where you need it – fast! Whether they are making a local payment or converting between currency wallets, great for a client App.
  • API Datafeeds: Sanction check beneficiaries before payments are made, through our DataFeeds. These dedicated services provide a fast and cost effective solution to businesses that require a more specific offering.
Currencycloud has built a network of global banking partners so our clients can route high volume of low value payments through an efficient clearing scheme.

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Currencycloud Payment Engine

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Currencycloud Payment Engine