What it can do for your business

Wallet Name Service gives service providers the ability to automatically generate easy to remember Wallet Names like ‘yourname.company.com’ for their customers, under a domain of their choosing, which can be used in place of complicated blockchain addresses.

Zero-Click Setup for End Users

With Netki’s Partner API, organizations can automatically generate Wallet Names for users when they sign up for a blockchain application, without adding extra steps to the onboarding process.

Increase Brand Awareness / Stickiness

Increase brand ‘stickiness’ in the blockchain ecosystem, with Wallet Names tied to your company's domain.

Ease of Use and Preservation of Privacy

A layer of secure separation between the namespace and blockchain makes it easy for users to share Wallet Names without having to permanently publish it to the world at-large.

Essential information

  • Google Chrome Browser Extension: With Netki’s Wallet Name Resolver extension for Google Chrome, end-users can effectively interact with Wallet Names in place of blockchain addresses, on any and all web-based platforms.
  • Custom Domain Name Options: Organizations can generate customer Wallet Names tied to their existing company domain, or to a new domain, which they can reserve from a myriad of available domain name and TLD options.
Similar to DNS, Wallet Name Service allows users to interact with memorable names like ‘name.company.com’ instead of complicated blockchain addresses.

Company information

Wallet Name Service

Provided by Netki, Inc.

Wallet Name Service