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Manage all aspects of maintenance and inspection work with a standardized Work Management System. Based on tried and tested processes, the Maximo Accelerator for Oil and Gas embeds industry best practices into a set of 50 business process templates. Instead of spending 9-18 months implementing Maximo, Oil and Gas Operators can start using the system out-of-the-box and run their platforms with it. One client saved USD478,000 in labor costs in the first 7 weeks of their implementation.

Reduce Backlog

The greater visibility and prioritization of workloads significantly reduces backlog, removing 1000s of man-hours work. This leads to savings in both human resources and material held.

Improve Maintenance Processes

Better maintenance outcomes through increased management of the maintenance and integrity status of operated assets. Work is prioritized according to HS&E performance standards.

Capture Regulatory Information

Maintain business and operational requirements as safely and efficiently as possible while retaining historical information that can be interrogated to prove compliance to industry bodies.

Out-of-the-box Maximo Solution

Begin loading data into a production ready WMS within one month, rather than a traditional ‘Design, Build & Test’ implementation which would take between 9-18 months: reducing deployment time

Key Enhancements

  • Work Order Tracking
  • Deferral Management
  • Management of Change
  • Reporting/Start Centers

Security and privacy in the cloud

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Maximo Accelerator for Oil and Gas

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Maximo Accelerator for Oil and Gas