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IT People's Blockchain team rapidly builds compelling proof of concepts, MVPs, and full solutions for financial services use cases. We use IBM Blockchain on Bluemix to move fast and gain from built-in features enterprise's need. Our team includes FinTech experts who have worked with multiple blockchain technologies. By collaborating closely with our clients in an agile model we build solutions that form the foundation for success with enterprise blockchain.

IBM Blockchain Experts

We're actively involved in building Hyperledger Fabric, the foundation for IBM Blockchain. There is no other team that knows more about this exciting, but rapidly evolving technology.

Agile & Collaborative Delivery

Our team works in an agile manner with clients serving as product owners, providing real-time feedback to get to the right solution without delay.

Financial Services Frameworks

Blockchain solutions for financial services require careful asset and contract design. IT People's frameworks for financial blockchain solutions simplify the process.

Essential information

  • Integration Framework: Beyond our business-focused financial framework, we have an integration framework that adapts from early-stage mock integrations to full enterprise blockchain to core system integration.
  • Blockchain Operations: We validate and operate some of the largest enterprise blockchain networks. We have the automation and operational expertise needed to provide resilience in business-critical blockchain solutions.
IT People's Blockchain team rapidly builds compelling proof of concepts and full solutions for financial services use cases on IBM Blockchain on Bluemix.

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Blockchain Solution Development

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Blockchain Solution Development