What it can do for your business

Large financial institutions around the world as well as a growing number of corporations rely on INTIX Data Management technologies on a daily basis. Our expertise and experience in financial messaging and transaction banking help our customers improve efficiency and business agility whilst reducing costs and risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Automated compliance reporting, in-country archives, aggregated risk data, intra-day liquidity reporting and end-to-end transaction traceability.

Business Intelligence

Making it easy for staff to find and interpret information across multiple data sources.

Customer Experience

Faster handling of customer inquiries as support staff find transaction details easily and respond in the shortest possible timeframe.

Risk & Audit

Automated measurement and reporting of audit and risk management metrics across multiple internal and external systems.

Essential information

  • Archive: The INTIX Message Archive enables institutions to access all their financial messaging data, independent of the formats used. It provides a single window on all transactions exchanged.
  • Warehouse: The INTIX Message Warehouse turns messaging data into valuable information. User-defined dashboards provide insight in your business network, commercial counterparts and operational efficiency.
  • Monitor: The INTIX Message Monitor provides a real-time view on all messaging flows and signals anomalies. It uses predictive models to know what to expect and raises alerts.
  • Tracker: The INTIX Message Tracker provides a single window on all system-to-system communication. It will correlate individual messages in real-time and recognize conversations.
Data intelligibility solutions for financial institutions and corporates to access, interpret and use any form of financial transaction data.

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