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Buying and selling Bitcoin is fun, simple, and secure at Coinify. Coinify your money with a VISA/ MasterCard payment or using bank transfer - we deliver bitcoin to your wallet of choosing. Or convert your bitcoin and receive fiat currency in your bank account.

Easy access to blockchain currency

Get bitcoin using your card or bank transfer

Convert your bitcoins at ease

We deliver the equivalent of your bitcoins straight to your bank account

Fast, easy and secure service

We simplify the process of exchanging your bitcoin for increased user experience while keeping the security a high priority

Essential information

  • No volatility concerns: When making a order, we lock the current market price and pay out equivalent value - you do not need to worry about bitcoin price fluctuation
  • High security standards: Strong KYC and AML processes applied
  • Near instant card purchases: Verified card owners can enjoy near instant bitcoin purchases
Buy or sell bitcoin using credit card or via bank transfer and enjoy the advantages connected with increased volumes in the form of four account levels.

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Coinify Trade

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Coinify Trade