What it can do for your business

The Cognitive Command Centre is an industry-leading product that uses the power of IBM Watson, with Buzz Radar’s visualisation platform, to breed the next generation of data-driven strategy. By using the Cognitive Command Centre, many of the world’s leading brands and agencies are benefitting from intelligent, accessible and, most importantly, actionable Insights across all their business critical data. We're helping brands turn data and reporting into intelligence.

Planning & Pitches

Produce effective marketing creative backed by data-driven cognitive insights that can be easily communicated to the team.

Competitor Monitoring

Gain a clear view of what your competitors are doing at any moment and how it’s impacting you and the wider market.

Bespoke Cognitive AI Bot

Build, track and predict your brand's health by accessing critical KPI’s on your dashboard or by simply asking your very own chat bot.

Trend Spotting & Research

Investigate what really motivates customers with comprehensive easy-to-use analytical tools that are connected to all of your data in one space.

Campaign & Crisis

Quickly implement real-time tracking at critical periods to manage crisis and optimise campaign launches in real-time.

Essential information

  • Brand Sentiment: Understand customer sentiment with Watson Alchemy Language processing, and know how products are perceived in real-time.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud Web/E-commerce: Integrate key metrics from Adobe Marketing for any web property you have access to.
  • Paid Media Campaigns: Capture reporting data from all your campaigns across your desired paid media channels, displaying your key metrics and KPI’s.
  • Plug-in your metrics: Create bespoke integrations for capturing reporting metrics across the following channels: SEO, SEM, email marketing and media views.
Combine the power of IBM Watson with Buzz Radar’s visualisation platform to produce engaging insights and an effective data-driven strategy.

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Buzz Radar - Cognitive Command Centre

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Buzz Radar - Cognitive Command Centre