What it can do for your business

Our technology and legal platform has been created specifically to serve the needs of Payment Service Providers. Your merchants can accept 14 blockchain currencies including bitcoin with an option to receive payouts in local currencies. No setup cost and no more chargebacks - Coinify payment is final and guaranteed. Custom API and shopping cart plugins enable seamless integration for online businesses, while the physical shops can use the Coinify POS mobile application for on-site payments.

Offer blockchian payments

Enable 14 payment method options for your merchants

No more fraud or chargebacks

Coinify blockchain payments are made in safe and secure environment - thus final and guaranteed

Choose your payout option

Whichever your merchant's preferred payout currency is, we support multiple national currencies as well bitcoin

Increase your profit margins

Unlike with some credit cards, there are no set up costs or monthly fees meaning higher profit margins for you and your merchants.

Essential information

  • Accept multiple payment methods: Your merchants' customers can pay with blockchain currency of their choice - from the selection of 14 most popular currencies including bitcoin
  • Multiple integration tools: Integration tools are available to suit all your needs, whether you own a website, a physical shop or work from home - API, shopping cart plugins, hosted invoices, POS and more
  • Get your payments converted to fiat: Select your payout option in fiat currency if you prefer it over holding bitcoins
  • No volatility concerns: When your customers make a purchase, the current market price is locked during the payment - this leaves currency fluctuation concern out
Offer blockchain payments (in 14 blockchain currencies including bitcoin) risk-free online or at a physical location, with settlement in the local currency.

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Coinify Enterprise

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