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Mooti Digital Identity: via blockchain technology and advanced cryptography. Mooti issues & validates cryptographic identity claims on multiple private and /or public blockchains, utilizing Mooti's Identity Chain technology. Mooti Digital Identity uniquely provides non-linkability, 3rd party attestation, and anonymity - while validating. Businesses and government can utilize both blockchain technology and legacy systems for ensuring cryptographically advanced digital identity.

Cryptographically Secure

Mooti Identity leverages blockchain technology to secure and provide a simple way to validate claims, utilizing Advanced Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Interoperable Blockchains

Combine Identity claims from multiple identity providers to increase confidence of the verification. Deploy on your datastore including your preferred private and / or public blockchains.

Enhanced Data Privacy

Mooti obfuscates the sender & receiver of identity as they are transmitted, to facilitate enhanced privacy. Businesses no longer need sensitive personal information - causing hackers to go elsewhere.

Mooti:Allow Instant Revocation

Mooti Identity allows a business to easily revoke access privileges. Mooti also allows date determined Identity expiration, enabling a business to pre-determine the expiration of identity access.

Mooti Identity: Phone-enabled

Allow your customers / users to provide identity via their current smart phone or laptop. Ensure digital identity via a user-friendly phone interface. Mooti Digital Identity is portable & accessible.

Essential information

  • Identity via Smart Phones: The Mooti client software for receiving, validating, and sending Identity runs on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.
  • Advanced Cryptography Identity: Utilizing blockchain technology ensures verification. Mooti Identity's advanced cryptography utilizes edge or perimeter security a recommended operations security method.
  • Blockchain Verifiable Identity: Businesses receive attested identity without requiring that their customers / users provide full personal data. This lowers a businesses liability for hacking, data such as SSN no longer stored.
Mooti Blockchain Identity Solution raises the standard for Identity validation via advanced cryptography, and leveraging properties of blockchain technology.

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Mooti Identity Service