What it can do for your business

Cloudsoft Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) Service lets developers focus on creating chaincode applications, not the plumbing. Cloudsoft HLF Service also speeds up time to value for enterprises investigating and working with blockchain technologies, for example financial institutions that want to set up their own blockchain networks running across multiple geographies.

Deploy HLF in a few clicks

Blockchain application Developers want to develop, run and test application chaincode, not deal with the plumbing. Cloudsoft AMP automation gets your blockchain network up in just a few clicks.

HLF to match your requirements

Create a Hyperledger Fabric network that is the right size and shape to meet your business objectives. Catering for scenarios ranging from local to global footprints.

Run HLF virtually anywhere

With Cloudsoft AMP, Hyperledger Fabric networks can be deployed and managed on everything from your laptop to private, public or hybrid clouds.

Essential information

  • Application Centric: With Cloudsoft AMP you can design applications for non-stop operation without trivializing architecture or constraining your processes. Re-use existing components to increase velocity.
  • Closed Loop Automation: Track every aspect of a system from deployment to decommissioning, giving insight for audit, troubleshooting, usage and SLAs. AMP configures, optimizes, heals and protects applications autonomically.
  • Open Standards: Cloudsoft AMP Hyperledger Fabric blueprint runs on Apache Brooklyn which is based on the OASIS CAMP model.
  • Transparency: Cloudsoft AMP gives a consistent management view of applications, simplifying operations across on-prem, hybrid cloud- with tools to model existing and new applications producing a live CMDB view.
Deploy Hyperledger Fabric to virtually any environment (public or private cloud, bare metal, or bring-your-own-nodes) using Cloudsoft AMP

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