What it can do for your business

Our software platform integrates your financial products into actionable recommendations to help your customers achieve their goals while generating highly qualified leads for your institution. By integrating iQuantifi into your current technology, your products will help customers buy their dream home, purchase a car, protect their family (cash reserves, life insurance, disability insurance, etc.), pay down debt, save for college, invest for retirement and much more.

Know Your Customer Needs

Understand the financial goals of your customers and provide them with the advice and products they need to achieve them in real-time.

Qualified Lead Generation

Highly qualified leads are automatically generated--including the product recommended, the amount, the date of implementation, and the source of funds to use.

More Revenue per Customer

By providing comprehensive financial advice to all of your customers, you can lower acquisition costs and offer over 15 different types of your own products.

True Omnichannel Capabilities

Product leads can be directed to specific divisions (loans, deposits, investments and insurance) of your institution. Customers have multiple ways to take action on product recommendations.

Seamless Integration

By using Single Sign On (SSO) API, our system can integrate all of your customers' financial information seamlessly into the advice. White labeling and full API access options are available.

Essential information

  • Product Structuring Technology: iQuantifi’s Product Structuring Technology recommends the most appropriate products from your institution to your customers based on their profile.
  • Automated Investment Advice: Our platform incorporates your investments to provide automated portfolio allocation and rebalancing based on the experience and profile of your customers and the timeframe of their goals.
  • Rationale: The Rationale feature answers the questions of why this product, why this amount, and where will the money come from to instill confidence in the advice given and drive the user to take action.
  • Cashfinder: The Cashfinder helps your customers identify categories in their budget where they can reduce expenses and capture savings to apply to their goals.
iQuantifi enables institutions to provide scalable, goal-based digital advice--comprehensive planning and investments--to all their customers.

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