What it can do for your business

According to a survey of tech executives conducted by Gartner, the majority of big data projects are still stuck at the pilot stage: only 15 per cent of businesses reported their big data project was now in production. At Keen, 100% of our enterprise customers are in production. Keen IO provides SDKs and APIs to easily instrument, collect, enrich, and analyze event data from your applications making it easier to build cognitive experiences and machine learning models.

Rapid Iteration

Keen IO has over 14 SDKs for collecting event data from applications. Getting started is minutes, not weeks.

Harness the Power of Watson

With the power of Watson, you can add dynamic context to your transaction & application data, such as sentiment analysis, entity tagging, and weather.

Build Intelligent Products

By using Keen IO, you also get access to our analytics and visualization API to get programmatic access to your data.

Essential information

  • Full Stack Analytics API: Keen IO provides APIs to collect, enrich, query, and visualize your data.
  • Whitelabel Analytics: Turn the data you're collecting into amazing experiences for your customers, users, or stakeholders.
As a launch partner for the Watson Data Platform, Keen is the best onramp to get your data into IBM Watson and start building cognitive-powered decision making.

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