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Instant Protection Fueled by Innovation- Automated attacks against web servers offer massive distribution with devastating results. Before WebIron, web security solutions required malicious bots or malware to be discovered prior to any security protections being applied. With WebIron, threats are automatically stopped from harming your web server as the attacks are happening.
Server Protection

Zero Day Threat Protection

WebIron provides zero day protection between when the vulnerability is discovered and the first attack. WebIron immediately patches on the fly.

Stop Entire Botnets

With our advanced technology we can identify botnet members by the malware instantly blocking the entire network automatically.

Improve Performance

WebIron improves your web server performance by freeing up resources and stopping resource crashes due to attacks.

Automated Protection

Our proactive methodologies (tied to real-time heuristic algorithms) help us automatically detect threats within seconds and make the entire bot network ineffective.

Central Configs and Reports

We handle the communication and updates so you don’t have to. WebIron allows you to configure your enterprise as a whole or by server anywhere in the world from any web enabled device.

Essential information

  • Proactive vs. Reactive Technology: Until now, security solutions have been antiquated, slow to respond, require expensive hardware or costly service contracts that are woefully inadequate.
  • Immediate Protection from Malware: WebIron detects new malware on the fly and stops more malware than any other solution.
  • Actionable Reports: WebIron’s reporting engine gathers intelligence & reveals all the forensics about the attack, giving you visibility into the who, what, where & how the attacks happened.
  • Stop Attacks from the Source: We collect information on attackers, their hosts and block their access to your sites so you don’t get caught in their large scale sweeping attacks.
Did you know that the scope of attacks against your web servers has completely changed? Get modern with WebIron and get the most advanced protection available.

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Server Protection