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Solve business problems with enterprise-class commerce technology from Pitney Bowes. This service exposes over 350 highly curated datasets covering 240 geographies which are continuously updated. Our data fuels the most critical use cases in many industries including insurance, banking, telecommunications and retail. Datasets include world boundaries, points of interest, roads and demographics. Also included are comprehensive address, phone and email databases, and risk data.

Fuel Business Growth

a) Go to market quickly and efficiently with class-leading solutions b) Scale when your business is ready

Unified Contracting & Billing

Single contract & bill for all existing and future Pitney Bowes APIs.

Access Enterprise-Class Data

Enterprise-class data sets and services for everyone delivered via modern APIs. Expertly crafted and curated. Improve existing applications, business processes and workflows, or build new ones.

Improve Client Experience

Data sets tell you more about your clients and prospects, inclusive of their demographic profile based on where they live. Ensure the accuracy of your address, phone and email data. Manage risk.

Essential information

  • Unlock insight and more with geodata: Expertly curated and comprehensive datasets add context to location data (addresses or lat/long combinations). Different APIs expose different datasets. See Resources page for more information.
  • Validate data for better experiences: Eliminate address, phone number and email errors. Identify APIs make communication easier, faster and effortless. Keep records up-to-date, accurate and consistent. See Resources tab for details.
  • Know your customer risk: IdentifyRisk API consolidates data from numerous sources into a single, comprehensive customer record, and compares it against exhaustive government watch lists for financial and legal sanctions.
Access 350+ datasets in 240 geographies. Our highly curated content takes accuracy of location-based information to a new level. Geocoding tools also included.

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