What it can do for your business

MediaMath is the leading independent software company for marketers. Since 2007, when we created the first programmatic technology for marketers, MediaMath's global infrastructure, vast partner network and quantitative approach have delivered transformative results - truly strength in numbers. Today, marketers are adopting our vision. The industry is shifting from broad to narrow audiences, from siloed channels to crossing display, social, mobile and video.

Find New Customers

MediaMath helps you find and convert new customers to your business, at scale.

Turn Browsers into Buyers

Sophisticated remarketing capabilities will help you turn your web traffic into revenue and minimize cart abandonment.

Re-Engage Lapsed customers

Leverage your 1st party data to engage and re-activate your previous customers.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Deepen your customer base and foster loyalty through relevant up-sell and cross-sell programs.

Essential information

  • Omni-Channel Media Execution: Engage your customers across all digital channels & mediums at scale, all from a single platform. Improve campaign performance, save time, & create a better overall experience for your customers.
  • Data Management Platform (DMP): Leverage 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data to create 1:1 customer conversations everywhere. Build dynamic segments, leverage predictive models to find new customers, & access rich shopper data.
  • Real-Time Intelligence: Use machine learning to adapt to real-time market conditions & drive continuous campaign improvement. Close the loop on campaign performance with multi-touch attribution and actionable insights.
MediaMath's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System enables marketers to reach the audiences they want at the scale they need.

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