What it can do for your business

Glisser is on a mission to revolutionise presentations by ending 'death by PowerPoint'. We engage audiences, empowering them via their online devices through slide-sharing, anonymous Q&A and live polling, enriching their events. We can also choose to share the presentations with them so they never miss a slide.

Data Capture

No piece of recorded data is wasted with Glisser, as our analytics platform allows you to break down the finer details of your event.

Audience Engagement

Through audience Q&A, live polling and slide-sharing, all through mobile devices, Glisser keeps event attendees hooked.

Efficient Feedback

By repackaging usually cumbersome feedback forms into interactive voting polls, Glisser makes capturing feedback fast and easy.

Essential information

  • Audience Engagement: Through interaction tools (Q&A, Live Polling, Live Slide-sharing), Glisser keeps its audiences hooked.
  • Data Capture: All audience interactions through Glisser are captured, allowing for enhanced analytics and efficient feedback.
Glisser makes presentations social, empowering audiences with interaction through their online devices, capturing data and feedback and enriching their events.

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