What it can do for your business

We want to help you to view and engage with consumers beyond stale “segments”. Consumers are living, breathing people, requiring a living, breathing view of their behaviors and intent. RadiumOne looks at these signals across all of your digital touch-points, plus those from throughout the digital ecosystem. We provide a constantly evolving view of consumers, enabling you to make connections with real people, not faceless impressions.

Identify the Right Signals

We find the valuable signals for you that others can’t see using our mobile and social data capture tools, enabling us to see consumer signals that other data-driven marketing companies simply can’t.

Predict Customers' Next Move

We run what-if scenarios to test predictions and inform campaign strategies. The result is greater efficiency with prospects to increase their consideration for you.

Deliver Advertising Impact

We have vertical execution and deep knowledge of media buying operations to execute and adapt to a wide-variety of consumer goals, media KPIs, verification constraints, and inventory requirements.

Essential information

  • Mobile and Sharing Analytics: Leverage deferred deep-linking, install tracking, user analytics, advertising insights and data activation.
  • Build better predictions: We see signals that other companies can’t. Whether it’s LTV, CPA or engagement, we can assign a score to a consumer and predict the probability of them being valuable to your campaign goals.
We help you to view and engage with consumers beyond stale “segments”. RadiumOne looks at signals across all of your digital touch-points and ecosystem.

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