What it can do for your business

Bot Manager provides organizations with a flexible framework to better manage the wide array of bots accessing their website every day. It offers the abilities to identify bots as they first arrive, categorize different types of bots, and apply the most appropriate management policy for each category. This allows greater control over how each organization interacts with different types of bots, maximizing business benefits while minimizing negative business or IT impact over the long term.

Gain visibility

Gain visibility into the amount and characteristics of bot traffic attempting to access your website.

Lower costs

Lower costs by slowing the growth of your web infrastructure and reducing the IT overhead required to manage bots yourself.

Improve user experience

Improve user experience by reducing the impact of bots on the web infrastructure during regular business hours.

Maintain competitive advantage

Maintain a competitive advantage and retain control over customer relationships by preventing price and content scraping.

Combat fraudulent activity

Combat fraudulent activity by validating client behavior against legitimate user workflow.

Essential information

  • Akamai-categorized bots: Akamai continuously updates its directory of over 1,200 known bots and bot categories based on interactions with other Akamai customers, using its Cloud Security Intelligence data analysis engine.
  • Business-oriented policies: Bot Manager enables organizations to categorize different types of bots and create management policies that define how traffic from different categories will be handled based on their business impact.
  • Analysis and reporting: The Security Center dashboard provides real-time visibility into bot traffic for the website as well as the ability to drill down into different bot categories.
  • Logging: Increase your threat posture awareness by integrating event logs with your security information and event management (SIEM) or other reporting solution through Akamai’s Log Delivery Service (LDS)
The visibility and scale of the globally-distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ with bot-specific capabilities to identify, manage, and report on bot traffic.

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Akamai Bot Manager