What it can do for your business

Using the knowledge we’ve gained from owning and running our own loyalty programs, we can help you increase customer lifetime value by engaging the right customer, at the right time, with the right message and at the right stage of the customer journey — all from a single, flexible, managed service.

Managed service

Campaign technology and business services supported by Aimia


Easily connects to your CRM systems, 3rd party providers or other Aimia systems

Aimia asset library

Ready-to-use templates and segmentations that help save time and cost

Essential information

  • Manage approvals and delivery details: Optimise workflow management, customise the timing and steps to your needs and get approvals at the most important time from stakeholders
  • Build campaign segmentation: Easily assign your segments to the campaign, connect to a standardised vertical specific data model and use raw SQL queries for flexibility
  • Execute personalised campaigns: Define channels based on member preferences, set up control groups, assign offers to each campaign data segment and export the campaign data for the campaign deployment
  • Measure campaign performance: Monitor the response to live campaigns and measure the return on investment of your campaigns
We assemble tailor-made marketing services to deliver engaging communications that help you shape your customer journey and build deep customer relationships

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Aimia Communication Systems

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